Days of Historical, Cultural Heritage underway in Moscow

The Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage, which are taking place from April 18 till May 31, give Muscovites and visitors a unique chance to visit mansions operated by GlavUpDK and to admire remarkable samples of neo-baroque, neo-classical, neo-gothic, eclectic, and modern architectural styles.

The buildings, masterpieces created by celebrated architects Fyodor Schechtel, Lev Kekushev, William Walcot, and others, are currently accommodating diplomatic missions and representative offices of international organizations. There is no public access to the buildings, considering their status.

On the International Day for Monuments and Sites (April 18), tourists could visit mansions housing the embassies of Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Italy, Norway, and Palestine, as well as residences of ambassadors of Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Festival participants also visited the Russian Foreign Ministry's Reception House on Spiridonovka Street, and the mansions that formerly belonged to O.P. Korobkova (33, Pyatnitskaya Street) and L.N. Kekushev (21, Ostozhenka Street). A total of 829 people participated in the tours.

While providing residence and work conditions appropriate to the status of foreign diplomats in Russia, GlavUpDK has been preserving, maintaining, and restoring the original looks of priceless historical and cultural monuments for about a century. This activity strictly complies with Russian laws on the protection of cultural heritage sites and is appreciated by the Moscow government, the cultural community, and Muscovites.

GlavUpDK is a laureate of many “Moscow Restoration” contests held by the Moscow government. Its collective receives letters of gratitude and other awards of the Moscow mayor for contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage sites practically every year.

Please sign in for tours on the website of the festival organizer, the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage

After the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage, everyone can admire interiors of the mansions and learn their history by visiting GlavUpDK’s website “Cultural Heritage Sites” (