Denis Matsuev

«The Cultural center of GlavUpDK is authentic center of culture, kindness and warmth.»

The Ambassador of the Republic of Benin in RF Gabriel Kochofa

 «To the employee of the cultural center of UpDK!

Thank You for the excellent hosting of the event. Everything is just super. Great.»

Zoya Boguslavskaya

«Thanks to the sweet to my heart Cultural center, where the hostess’s charm neighbors on the hospitality of the cuisine and design.»

Alla Demidova

«You are always hospitable, good-natured and have tasty food. Thank you.»

The president of the Russian International Affairs Counsel Igor Sergeevich Ivanov

«On behalf of the Russian International Affairs Counsel I express great appreciation to the management and personnel for the perfect hosting of the annual meeting of our Counsel. All members of RIAC, headed by E.M.Primakov, the Chairman of the  supervisory board, noted the highest level of the service, tact and advertency of the service staff.»