Garden and grounds

For banquets with a buffet table and hospitality receptions, the Reception Hall is best suited, which allows for banquets for up to 250 guests and banquets for up to 100 people. To discuss issues in a narrower circle, you can use the VIP-room with an area of ​​50m 2 , which is adjacent to the Reception Hall.

In the Hall of Receptions, there is a semi-circular glazed bay window with a panoramic view, which allows the room to be filled with light during the day and create a beautiful light in the evening. There is also a cozy bar area and & nbsp; a small stage with a dance floor. The team of top-class chefs, which provides a unique taste of dishes, elegantly combining European, Asian and Russian traditions in the menu.

The stage in the Reception Hall is a great place for speeches, presentations and presentations. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere has to rest and companionship.

Seating layout
90 seats
90 seats