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Evening with Svetlana Druzhinina

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On December 3, 2015, the meeting with Svetlana Druzhinina, the famous actress and stage manager, the legend of the Soviet and Russian cinema, and her husband Anatoly Mukasey, the famous cameraman, took place at the Cultural Center. The Economic Newspaper Publishing House, Business Partnership International Business Club and Future Russia’s Women Business Club also participated in the meeting. Along with the brilliant roles in such movies like “The Girls”, “It Happened in Penkovo” and others, Svetlana Druzhinina is the stage manager of nationally loved TV series about Gardemarines, and, currently, she is busy with preparations for the commencement of filming of the sequel of this series. Svetlana traditionally films it with her husband. The guests have told a lot about themselves and their creative work, about their way to the profession, about their meeting and collaboration, and about the suggestion of the idea to make the films about Russia in the 18th century. The audience was particularly interested in the stories on the selection of the featured actors, whose roles later had brought them an extreme popularity and love of the public. The spouses have also introduced to the public Igor Dadiani, the famous designer, who has done an incredible work on designing and creating marvelous historical costumes for all films of the series. Two of those costumes were brought specially on this occasion and demonstrated on the stage of the Cultural Center.

After the speech of S. Druzhinina and A. Mukasey at the Concert Hall, the meeting continued informally during the traditional buffet.