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GlavUpDK celebrates 96th anniversary

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The 96th anniversary of the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps (GlavUpDK) was celebrated at the GlavUpDK Cultural Center on August 31.

Administration executives and employees attended the celebration.  GlavUpDK head Alexei Izotov made opening remarks. He conveyed most sincere greetings and wishes of success and prosperity from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In addition, Izotov summed up the results of the past 12 months. “Every task we had set for the first half of the year was fulfilled. Of course, we are proud of that,” he said.

Izotov thanked employees for their contribution to GlavUpDK’s development. “Legacy is the root of our success. Twenty-three our employees have been decorated with governmental awards, and 53 are holders of Russian Foreign Ministry awards. We have unique employees, who have worked for GlavUpDK for more than 40 years. The work record of over 150 persons exceeds 30 years. We are certainly proud of these people, and our young are learning from them,” Izotov said.

The GlavUpDK history is rich in honored names and accomplishments. The Bureau for Service to Foreign Citizens (Burobin) established in 1921 has evolved into a modern multifaceted enterprise.

The history of GlavUpDK is intertwined with national history. Burobin employees were tasked with crucial missions in the years of WWII: they evacuated diplomatic missions to Kuibyshev, protected embassy buildings, and worked for the Home Front. Throughout its history, our enterprise has been loyal to its key principle: “hospitality is our profession.”

GlavUpDK, which possesses unique experience of service to the diplomatic corps, today is bolstering efficiency and implementing new economic and resource management methods.

Not only diplomats from more than 180 countries accredited in Russia but also over 2,000 foreign and Russian companies are using GlavUpDK services. The enterprise provides practically every type of service necessary for the comfortable stay of foreign diplomats in Russia, such as skilled medical attendance (the Medincenter affiliate), accounting and human resources services (the Inpredkadry company), motor transport services (the Spetsavtocenter affiliate), and organizes business and cultural events (the Cultural Center). The Moscow Country Club golf club and the Zavidovo Recreation Complex are GlavUpDK affiliates popular with the diplomatic corps and other clients.

 GlavUpDK operates more than 150 mansions in Moscow, most of which are cultural heritage sites. Many of those mansions are accommodating foreign embassies.

The enterprise has multiple awards and tokens of appreciation, including those for its contribution to conservation of cultural heritage sites. GlavUpDK employees were hailed at the Cultural Center on the anniversary day.

The Russian government expressed its gratitude to Procurement Directorate Head Alexander Gibov and Real Estate Directorate Section Head Natalia Lobacheva.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s diplomas were presented to porter of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s House of Receptions Alexander Bystrov, and Real Estate Directorate Deputy Head –Section Head Igor Fedorov.

Deputy Head of the Protocol and Public Relations Office Alexander Komarov, Legal Affairs Directorate Deputy Head Svetlana Sakhovtseva, leading economist of the Maintenance Directorate Alla Derzhavina, and leading engineer of the Capital Construction Directorate Nikolai Lalayants were decorated with the Russian Foreign Ministry’s badges of merit.

The GlavUpDK badge of merit was bestowed on chief economist of the Finance Planning Directorate Tatiana Ivanova, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s House of Receptions Yelena Lukyanchuk, leading specialist of the Information Technologies Directorate Vladimir Perminov, surgeon of the Medincenter affiliate Fyodor Lysenko, and shift supervisor of the Moscow Country Club territorial security division Sergei Sheptunov for their high and exemplary performance.

GlavUpDK diplomas were presented to Maintenance Directorate Section Head Irina Abashina, Security Directorate Deputy Head – Section Head Gennady Varigin, 2nd class specialist of the Cultural Center Elena Grigoryeva, Accounting Directorate Deputy Head Natalia Korniyenko, Head of the Group of assistants of the Responsible person for the work to prevent corruption and other violations Sergei Sergin, driver of the Zavidovo Recreation Complex Gennady Lebedev, and stock-keeper of the Spetsavtocenter affiliate Andrei Leshchinsky.

Komarov addressed the audience on behalf of the decorated employees. He mentioned many acclaimed heads of GlavUpDK, his mentors who contributed a lot to the enterprise’s development. He also thanked the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry and GlavUpDK for appreciating the work of his colleagues and himself.

GlavUpDK’s old friend, the Maximus Band, treated the collective to a festive concert of songs dating back to various years. 


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