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International Women’s Club gathers at GlavUpDK Cultural Center

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The International Women’s Club has held a general meeting in the Meet and Greet format at the Cultural Center of the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps (GlavUpDK) under the MFA of Russia.

Club President, Mrs. Gopa Chakraborty, chaired the meeting. She thanked GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia and Cultural Center Head Valeria Pavlovskaya for their unfailing support and assistance in the arrangement of Club events in her opening remarks.

The meeting participants were invited to a handicraft exhibition and fair featuring accessories and home decorations in the traditional Russian style.

Young talents, artists of the I.N. Vorontsova New Names Interregional Charity Fund, played music for the guests of the Cultural Center.

The meeting addressed the Club’s topical agenda, including preparations for International Winter Charity Bazaar 2017, which will take place at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel on November 25.

Each of the participating embassies contributes souvenirs, Christmas gifts, and national cuisine dishes to the annual event; there is also a charity lottery. All the donations are invested in charity projects of the International Women’s Club.


Founded in Moscow in 1978, the International Women’s Club is a non-political non-profit organization. The primary objective of the Club is to strengthen friendship and develop cultural relations between peoples, in addition to implementing charity programs.

GlavUpDK actively supported the establishment of the Club in 1978, and has been rendering comprehensive support to it from day one.

Traditionally, an ambassador’s spouse is elected Club President. In the jubilee season of 2017-2018, the Club is chaired by the spouse of the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mrs.  Gopa Chakraborty.

The Club has over 400 members, mostly spouses of the heads of diplomatic missions, diplomats, and businessmen, as well as female ambassadors of 110 countries. They rely on principles of cooperation, peace, and neighborliness in their activity and communication.

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